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Cold turkey

AFTER THE TRUCE, what then? Staff Sergeant Clement Barker wrote on 29th December: Night came and still no shots. Boxing Day the same and has…

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While Allelulias rang

THE FURIES OF war did not encourage reflection. But this was the week of Christmas, and the tragedy into which the world had descended was…

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No rhyme or reason

A NEW INJUSTICE edged this week into the bigger story of war. In the absence of any great offensive in the West, commanders feared troops…

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Ruling the waves

  A GOOD WEEK for the Allies, it appeared. Irresolution dominated the Western Front. Intermittently the Germans attacked in ways which, while not exactly random,…

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Settling old scores

THE LOGIC OF events suggested that the moment for a decisive breakthrough in the West had passed. The fact was grimly acknowledged by British and…